Findings of our Interview Project

Beginning in November 2018, after the arrival of several new doctors able to take on new patients, members of the Salt Spring Community Health Society board interviewed 28 connected community leaders and people with expertise in health care, community health, and community services to determine:

  • whether there was still a need for a Community Health Centre on Salt Spring, and
  • what gaps – if any – remain in health services in our community.

While all were universally grateful for the addition of the new GPs, they expressed ongoing concerns about whether or not the new GPs will stay and how retiring GPs will be replaced. Of equal importance, in their minds, is the continued existence and operation of the Lady Minto Hospital and the proposed Emergency Room renovation.

Here’s are some of the repeated missing or inadequate health service needs of Salt Spring as identified by those interviewed (the final report has a more extensive list):

  • Mental health services for seniors, youth, the difficult to serve and non-crisis care
  • Health services that meet the needs of the homeless and precariously housed
  • Drug and alcohol addiction treatment
  • Preventive health services and health education
  • Seniors services
  • Youth and family services
  • Optimal end-of-life and palliative care
  • Outreach services, especially for homeless people and seniors
  • Health navigation
  • Adequate access to specialist care
  • Drop-in clinical care

A more detailed summary of our interviews can be found here:

SSCHS Summary of interview data re gaps in health services on SSI February 2019