Recruiting Salt Spring Resident(s)
to become certified Mental Health First Aid Instructor(s) in
Basic / Adults who Interact with Youth / Seniors

Courses, travel and accommodation expenses covered.

This training is made possible with generous financial support from:

Salt Spring Island Foundation’s Emergency Preparedness and Relief Fund

Government of Canada’s Emergency Community Support Fund, and

Capital Regional District Grant-In-Aid

In-person training anticipated this Fall/Winter 2020/21, either on Vancouver Island or in the Vancouver area – barring any unforeseen circumstances due to COVID-19. If online training for instructors is developed by the end of the summer, this could be considered as an alternative to travelling.

We are seeking candidates who have the right combination of practical, academic, and/or lived experience with mental health. An MHFA Instructor must combine knowledge of mental health problems and supports with the ability to effectively instruct a group of adult learners. MHFA course participants have little to no experience or knowledge of mental health issues, so we are seeking individuals who can speak knowledgeably and confidently about the topics discussed during the course.

Key Skills/Qualifications

  • Experience in the field of mental health and mental illness. This experience is generally gained from a minimum of 2 years front-line experience providing mental health services or a combination of personal, educational, and professional experience
  • Good knowledge of mental disorders and their treatment
  • Experience delivering training effectively to adult learners
  • Experience networking with community partners
  • Knowledge of the range of mental health services
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Positive attitudes towards people with mental health problems
  • Enthusiasm to reduce stigma/discrimination associated with mental illness
  • Experience – either professional or volunteer – working with one of the following groups would be considered an asset: youth, seniors, adults

For additional information about becoming a Mental Health First Aid Instructor, visit

The Salt Spring Community Health Society (SSCHS) board is seeking a resident(s) who is interested in creating a long-term partnership with our organization as a community trainer.

The successful candidate(s) will be appropriately compensated for each Mental Health First Aid course they facilitate through paid registrations and/or grants, donations, and/or sponsorships.

The successful candidate(s) will be required to apply to, and be accepted by, the Mental Health Commission of Canada in order to receive the training.

Deadline to apply: Friday, August 7, 2020

Please email your resume and cover letter to Martha Taylor, Vice-President, Salt Spring Community Health Society, at

In your cover letter, please indicate your interest in pursing MHFA instructor training in Basic, Seniors, and/or Adults who Interact with Youth.

If you have questions, or would like additional information, please contact us through this email as well.

Only applicants chosen for interviews will be contacted.

WE ARE ALSO SEEKING like-minded supporters who would like to share their ideas with us, to aid us in our efforts to advocate for the current and future health care needs of Salt Spring Island.

The time has come to work together with our government representatives, our Ministries of Health, our Primary Care physicians and our community to find effective, accessible and sustainable solutions to our local healthcare problems.

If you feel this way, if you would like more information, or if you have ideas you would like to share, please contact us.