The report is an analysis of data collected between May 6 and June 3, 2019 using online and paper surveys, in-person interviews and focus groups.

A significant portion of the report is dedicated to the Social Determinants of Health – housing, food, financial, social connections and self-determination. The other two sections of the report focus on access to health services and community health needs.

Over 560 islanders, aged 15 yrs and over, responded to the survey, which is an excellent response rate.

Report Synopsis

Full Report

The Report and Synopsis are also available in hard copy at the Salt Spring Island Public Library.

We are:

WORKING to expand and improve access to primary health care and related support services for the general public on Salt Spring Island.

PLANNING ​the development of an inter-professional community health centre in which health professionals may be easily and locally available to provide effective and sustainable health care in a supportive setting in our community.

ESTABLISHING opportunities to work with our Primary Care Physicians and other service partners to set up a community care model of service delivery on Salt Spring which would function cooperatively with our existing health systems and services.

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